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UltraCl@rity consumes DEiXTo RSS e-procurement feed

UltraCl@rity is a search engine indexing all the documents published through the Cl@rity project (Διαύγεια – Greek Open Government Data). It was created because Cl@rity (and now eProcurement.gov.gr, as well) do not provide adequate search functions, although they are both a great start.


Using the DEiXTo generated RSS feed for the Greek e-procurement platform, UltraCl@rity now provides full text search on these data, as well.

RSS feed for the Greek e-procurement

Using Web scraping and DEiXTo (http://deixto.com) we have built an RSS feed for the Greek e-procurement platform. The goal of this effort is twofold:

  • allow people subscribe to the feed and get the latest tenders automatically through the use of an RSS reader and
  • help developers build innovative applications around public e-procurement data by pulling an updated feed on a daily basis.

Read the full story or try the Greek e-procurement RSS link.