We provide design and implementation services for products and services relating to the research areas of the lab, such as:

  1. Design and implementation of innovative software for a wide range of computing devices (i.e. desktop PCs, tablets, smartphones).
  2. Automatic web content extraction and repurpose of extracted data (dataset build, Web 2.0 apps, etc.)
  3. Summarization of multiple on-line reviews.
  4. Data Mining, Web Mining.
  5. Recommender Systems for e-Commerce.
  6. The design and development of innovative information systems.
  7. Modernization and quality improvement of legacy systems.
  8. Interoperability of software systems.
  9. Transfer of services in the Cloud.
  10. Development of intelligent web applications.
  11. Learning Objects Development.
  12. Digital Modeling.
  13. eAdministration services.
  14. Design and development of databases for research purposes.