Projects with participation and/or coordination by lab members:

  1. Towards an Integration of Process Algebraic and Petri Net Specifications of Agent Systems (PYTHAGORAS ΙΙ), (Hartonas)
  2. PerLA: Intelligent Personal Learning Assistants (ARCHIMEDES ΙΙ), (Hartonas, Tsiakmaki, Tsoutsa)
  3. ProsAgent: Integration of the Holonic and Multi-agent System approaches to intelligent industrial process control (ARCHIMEDES Ι), (Hartonas, Tsoutsa, Tsiakmaki)
  4. Formal Methods in the analysis of Intelligent Systems (Επιτροπή Ερευνών ΤΕΙ/Θ), (Hartonas)
  5. Denotational Semantics for Higher-Order Functional–Concurrent Languages, (EPSRC Project, University of Sussex, School of Cognitive & Computing Sciences (COGS), Theory of Computation Group), (Hartonas)
  6. Fairness in Concurrent Computation–Fixpoint Logics (University of Manchester, Computer Science Dept, Theory and Formal Methods group), (Hartonas)
  7. Reasoning About Fairness in Concurrent Computation (EPSRC Project, Dept of Mathematics & Computer Science, University of Leicester), (Hartonas)
  8. MyVisitPlanner: Personalized System for Cultural Itineraries Planning (NSRF 2007-13)  (Kokkoras)
  9. Developing a Digitization and Documentation Center to Digitize, Promote and Manage Cultural Documentation from the National Theater of Northern Greece (Kokkoras)
  10. ExperNet: Development of a Distributed Expert System for a National Network Management – ICT (Kokkoras)
  11. A Planning System for eLearning in the Semantic Web  (Kokkoras)
  12. An Intelligent System for Managing Internet Services in the Semantic Web (Kokkoras)
  13. Open-Source Software Reuse Service for SMEs  (Open SME)   (Kakarontzas)
  14. Software Quality Observatory for Open Source Software (SQO-OSS)    (Kakarontzas)
  15. Metrics and Performance Measurement of Free, Open Source Software (FLOSSMETRICS)    (Kakarontzas)
  16. A system for evaluation of candidate adjunct lecturers in TEI of Larisa (Kakarontzas)
  17. Designing of process-oriented  learning in Open Educational Environments (Kakarontzas)
  18. Advanced eLearning Services in TEI of Larisa (Kakarontzas, Garani)
  19. Learning Objects in the CROP Architecture (doctoral research – Tsiakmaki)
  20. Automatic Composition of Web Services (doctoral research – Tsoutsa)
  21. Decision algorithms for extensions and variants of Propositional Dynamic Logic (doctoral research – Kritsimallis)
  22. Communication Networks in Distributed Systems (Garani)
  23. Maritime History of the Greeks, 1700-1821 (Garani)